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Get Over the Mechanics

This post will probably rank up there with one of those controversial titles with a completely reasonable argument. Something I've noticed in the sport is there seems to be these dogs that look amazing in the training pen, on the training stock, yet seem to never win a trial or struggles habitually in work settings. It leaves me always wondering why? I mean these peoples dogs always look so technically correct that I typically feel insecure about my own dogs but when push come to shove, that dog is left in the dust. The only reason I can see is that those people got obsessed on the technical aspects that they completely forgot why they were working on them in the first place. At the end of the day what matters is the dogs ability to get the job done. Whatever the job. If the job is trailing 600 ewes with lambs across a quarter section; or working a single that's sick and needs to come to the barn; or doing a double lift and international shed. What capacity do they have to accomplish all those things is all that matters. The technical correctness is important in getting these things done of course but people seem to train their dogs without taking the time to teach them why. These animals are far more clever than they get credit for and the reality is that when they understand the reason behind something, they are way more receptive to learning it. The best part is if they understand the why's of what they're doing, then they can help predict what you need. It's the difference between a dog that always gets in the right place and a dog that doesn't even know where the right place is. Again the technical correctness of a dog is vital but only when the context is explained. Don't just train things as a way to create a slave. Teach things to a partner you want by your side through thick and thin.

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