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Know Your Destination

Virtually every self help book or seminar on the planet will at some point talk about goal setting. This is basically my installment of one of those. Yet I'm going to do it a little bit different.

I've said it before, everybody has their own way of getting a dog trained. And as long as that method works then all the power to them. But it's hard to know what method works for you unless you know what you're working towards. Think of it this way, if you're in Mexico and you want to get to Canada then all you need do is head North. You may take the odd wrong turn and you may not know exactly how to get there in the most efficient way but as long as you're heading north, you'll eventually get there. Dog training is much the same way. It doesn't matter the road you take, it doesn't matter if it's different from someone else. All that matters is the result you're left with at the end. If you know what you want then hopefully you'll keep expirementing until you find what you're looking for. For people who have done this for awhile, the destination they're trying to get to is almost second nature. Sometimes it can be hard for them to describe. Sometimes the best they can do is point out a dog they like and simply say "that". It's exactly what anyone should do. In an age with YouTube and patreon and Facebook and a million ways to watch hundreds of dogs, start looking around until you see something you like. For me, I watch previous double lifts at The Supreme finals in the UK. The dogs I see there is my destination, it's what I'm working towards. I know I'm no where near that but it doesn't change the fact that that is what I'm looking for. It may take a long time but if everyday I get a little bit closer that's all that matters. But if I didn't have that goal in my mind I would certainly be lost. Which is true of anybody. It's hard to start this journey with a road map that's pointed to nowhere. It's probably the main reason why I talk more about the philosophy then I talk about the mechanics. How to train a dog changes from dog to dog and person to person. And the destination they're aiming for may be slightly different anyhow. It's why having a destination is vital. Learn to get over having solid answers on how to get there. Start looking for what works for you and not what works for others. As long as you are making progress to what you're trying to build, that's all that matters.

This blog is brought to you by Diamond T Cowhorses and The Bullpen Arena. Check out their full range of products on their Facebook page. They've been long time supporters of Herding East and I personally recommend them. Thanks again to Tom and Micaela Thorlakson for their excellent friendship and support. Also I should add; liking, commenting and sharing this post helps me out A LOT. So if you enjoy our stuff, don't be afraid to let us know. If you ever feel like chatting about dogs, messages and calls are free. 403 880 2287.

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