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Stock Dog Economics

So I’ve put some thought into the economics behind my little side business/hobby and I’ve come up with some thoughts. Now these are in no way organized but it’s a blog so relax. The truth is, that there isn’t an abundance of wealth lying within the stock dog business. With that said, it is entirely possible to make a living with dogs, mostly with doing lessons/clinics and board training. The real bottle neck in the dog business is time. Things like selling trained dogs is difficult because it’s a disproportionate amount of hours in to cash out. The money out gets even more difficult if the dog turns out to be a dud. So you’re left with lessons/clinics and board training since you are being paid on a measured time frame. Now, it is true that there are opportunities in dog selling, but typically, that comes with your reputation as you build and develop it. But if the real opportunity is in the lessons then that really means that this is a knowledge business and not a dog business. People are looking to learn how to train a dog and typically the more they learn, the more they realize they don’t know. This ends up being one of the best solutions to the true problem of dog training, time. You can find ways to synthesize your knowledge into some kind of easy to digest format that you are able to then sell. Whether you sell books, online courses, or…… a blog; you are earning off of your most valuable asset, your knowledge. I read somewhere that true financial success is the ability to make money while your sleeping and the internet is always on baby!

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